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To create this extraordinary blend, Crown Royal whiskeys are hand-selected by our master whiskey blenders and infused with Regal Gala Apples and apple flavors. The result is a delicious Canadian whiskey balanced with notes of crisp apple flavor.

nose: A blend of bright apple balanced with signature Crown Royal blended whiskey with hints of spice.palate: Opening up with a slightly tart, crisp, apple flavor balanced with signature Crown Royal blended whiskey composed of notes of caramel & light spice. finish : Crisp apple note with balanced sweetness, culminating in a full-bodied smooth finish.



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I am an alcohol ambassador I did a tasting here and had so much fun! The staff and management are so nice and helpful. They have plenty of things to select from and also have a security guard site. I would definitely recommend this place.

 Leah Downs